“Qualified Service Providers” – How we screen our service providers

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Quality is one of the most important requirements that fleets and owner operators have of any service provider. At Truckers Assist, we take great pride in our “Quality Assurance” Process. This process has been in place at Truckers Assist since day one and has been an integral element of our breakdown assistance service. As a result of our Quality Assurance process, we are able to ensure a high rate of customer satisfaction amongst fleets and drivers. Some of the key elements of our our Quality Assurance process, that a vendor must comply with are:

  • Length of time the service provider has been in business
  • Whether the service is performed to DOT and MTO standards
  • Service provider carries adequate Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Process for handling calls after hours
  • Service providers rates have to be in line with regional industry standards
  • Service ticket performance rating

After each breakdown job, a service provider is evaluated on 4 criteria: Timeliness, Quality of work, Professionalism, Price. If a vendor does not maintain a minimum of a 4 star rating (on a 5 scale) on more than two occasions, they are suspended from our network until corrective action is taken

This allows us to provide fleet and drivers with a consistent experience regardless of where they need OTR service in the USA and Canada – resulting in thousands of calls for breakdown assistance from satisfied repeat customers.

How GE Fleet Services saved more than $800 – Case Study

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GE Fleet Services

Nature of Breakdown:

Driver was unable to get truck started and requested service. The dispatch contacted Truckers Assist call centre and initiated a breakdown service request. The dispatch informed our staff that they suspected with 95% certainty that the issue with the truck was the starter and requested that the vendor we dispatch bring the parts with them.


Truckers Assist contacted its preferred vendor in the area Ron’s Mobile Service and provided all technical information to perform the service call. They were also instructed to bring the required parts, but Truckers Assist also insisted that they perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle to confirm that the issue resulting in the truck not starting was indeed the starter.

Service Estimate:

Based on changing the starter roadside, Truckers Assist Preferred Vendor was estimating that the job would cost as follows:

Service Call: $ 70, Labour Rate: $70/hr approximately 4 – 5 hrs for repair, Parts: Starter Estimate $450 – $650

Total Estimate: $950 + applicable taxes

Service Summary:

Ron’s Mobile was dispatched within 10min of receiving the call from the fleet and arrived onsite within 30 minutes. After performing a routine check to troubleshoot the reasons why the truck wasn’t starting, the preferred vendor determined that the problem was an electrical short and not a faulty starter. The fleet was charged $170.00 (savings of approx $820.00) and the truck was back on the road within one hour of calling Truckers Assist.

  • Preferred Vendor dispatched within 10minutes of receiving call and arriving within 30 minutes to breakdown location
  • Preferred vendor was instructed to replace starter, however, after evaluating the cause of failure, performed a simple repair and potentially saved the fleet $800+
  • Fleet was extremely satisfied with outcome and gave Truckers Assist and Preferred Vendor a 5 star rating on timeline, quality of work, professionalism & customer service and price relative to industry standards

Featured Service Provider of the Month: Vernell’s Interstate Service

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Truckers Assist appreciates quality service, fair prices and efficiency. We strive to maintain long lasting relationships with quality service providers who continuously provide our registered fleets and drivers with outstanding service.

Vernell’s Interstate Service Inc. is one of our top service providers and has been in our network for two years. Vernell’s provides truck and trailer maintenance service in the area surrounding Marion, Ilinois. This vendor offers 24 hour mobile truck and trailer as well as a 24 hour repair garage. Vernell’s Interstate Service is located at 2605 W Deyoung St., Marion IL 62959 and can be reached at 618-364-4922.

Vernell’s has consistently received a five star rating in the areas of; Professionalism and Customer Care, Timeline, Quality of Work and Price.

Some of their service offerings include:

  • Air bag recovery
  • Mobile truck and trailer repair
  • Custom fabrication
  • Customized paint & body repairs
  • Fleet service maintenance & repair
  • Load shifts & trans loads
  • Lock – out service
  • National tire accounts
  • Service motor homes and RV’s
  • State & federal inspections
  • Heavy truck towing

Vernell’s has a fair and competitive rate schedule for its services, including no service call fee for over the road service. Furthermore, they have an extensive stock of parts in their shop, allowing them to get trucks and trailers back on the road a lot faster that other service providers that need to wait until the next business day to secure parts.

Truckers Assist would like to thank Vernell’s and all of our registered service providers for their dedication to excellence and continued support!

Truckers Assists rolls out its new and improved Breakdown Service Notification Process

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On July 1, 2010, Truckers Assist rolled out its new comprehensive Breakdown Service Notification Process. Our fleets told us that receiving regular and timely updates on the status of the breakdowns is paramount to them. During a breakdown, the communication between the driver, vendor, fleet and dispatcher must be clear to avoid any misunderstandings which can lead to a loss of time and money. The new “Breakdown Notification Process” has been implemented in order to better serve our fleets.

Fleets can sign up to receive regular email and sms text messages providing details on the status of the breakdown service. For every breakdown event, a minimum of three notifications will be sent:

  • OTR Breakdown Service Request Received – Notice

This notice is sent to the designated individual informing them of the basic details of the breakdown incident; reference number, driver name, unit number, location, service required and current status, and estimated time for the service provider to arrive on location.

  • OTR Breakdown Service Completion – Notice

This notice is sent to the designated individual informing them that the service has been complete and that the unit is rolling again.

  • Breakdown Incident Report

Detailed report on the breakdown incident usually sent within 1 hour of the completion of the breakdown service. This report provides details such as; the time the call was received, time the service provider was dispatched and arrived on site, details of job done, and time of completion, total cost, and method of payment as well as contact info on the service provider.

Our registered fleets benefit from this by having real-time information on the over the road repair, and also complete description the breakdown incident for their own internal record keeping and accounting.

We understand the effect equipment downtime has on your bottom line, so we continue to work relentlessly to ensure we can help you improve it.

To setup your fleet to start receiving the notification messages for all your breakdowns please call 1.888.635.0005 or email customerservice@truckersassist.com.

Protecting our Service Providers

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Truckers Assist not only protects drivers and fleets, but is also dedicated to protecting our service providers. We are taking pro-active steps to ensure that all service providers who are sent out on road calls for mobile repair, towing, tire service etc. by Truckers Assist are dealing with legitimate customers who will make their payments on time.

We have been informed of several instances of drivers, who allege to be part of large fleets and leave the site of the repair with the claim that their fleet will be paying the bill. When the fleet is contacted for payment, there is no record of the driver working for the fleet. To our knowledge, no Truckers Assist fleet or driver has never done this to one of our service providers.

Nevertheless, Truckers assist has implemented an authorization process with adequate controls in place to prevent such occurrences with our service providers. We work closely with our registered trucking companies and fleets to create “Fleet Specific Instructions” which clearly outlines for our dispatch how the fleet wants their over the road truck and trailer repair scenarios handled.

This typically entails cross-referencing all drivers with a list provided by the fleet, to ensure the driver calling in is in fact a member of the fleet and the billing will be covered by their company. The list will generally include the drivers name, license plate numbers, unit numbers, and phone numbers.

With this process, we can give our service provider, the assurance that they are dealing with quality customers and that they will get paid for their service in a timely manner.