Truck Repair in El Paso Tx

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Truck Repair El Paso Tx

I experienced a breakdown of my truck near El Paso last week.  I was on I-10 just south of exit 13 and a radiator coolant hose leaked on my truck.  I called my company, and they advised me to call your company to arrange for truck repair and road service.  Your staff member was very polite, collected all the details quickly and then dispatched out a company from your vendor network.  The company that came out was Truck and Trailer Repair Express from El Paso Tx.  I was very happy with the quality of service they provided.  They arrived on site within 90 minutes.  It was just a regular straight hose that was needed, so they had that on their truck and were able to repair my truck quite fast.  They had me rolling again in about 2 hours.  Even the price they charged me was reasonable.  I have had a couple of bad experiences where vendors have tried to rip me off after repairing my truck.  Truck and Trailer Repair Express from El Paso Tx was good and honest with their pricing.  I would recommend them to any one needing truck repair in El Paso Tx.

Heavy Duty Towing Memphis TN

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A couple weeks ago, my truck broke down on I-40 eastbound near Memphis TN.  It turned out that I had lost a couple of injectors on the engine so I needed a heavy duty towing service.  My dispatcher gave me your company’s number and asked that I call you to setup a local tow service that can help me tow my truck to the closest Freightliner dealer in Memphis TN (TAG Truck Center).  Your company dispatched out Star Towing and Recovery, which is located in Memphis TN.  These guys were great.  They were at my location within 45 minutes, had me hooked up soon after and they towed me to the dealer.  They also have a secured storage yard, and were able to keep the trailer there until my fleet sent another truck to pickup the load.  I was found Star towing staff to be very professional and courteous.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and quality heavy duty towing service in the Memphis TN area.

Roin Mauer (o/o)