Wrecker Service Lexington South Carolina

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Wrecker Service Lexington South Carolina

I was driving down Interstate 20 near Lexington South Carolina when all of a sudden my truck started to lose power, check engine light came on and it shut down.  I know the Lexington area well but this was the middle of the night and I didn’t know who to call. I am an owner operator so I don’t have a dispatch team ready to help me when I need Wrecker Service.

I quickly went and did an internet search and found the number for Truckers Assist. Someone answered the phone right away and started taking down my information. She told me she had a qualified wrecker company in the area and that she was going to give the company a quick call to see if they can tow me to the closest Kenworth dealer.

Long story short, the wrecker service was available and arrived onsite within 45 minutes. Thank you Truckers Assist and Outlaws and 18s Diesel Shop! I was extremely please with the service provided by your staff as well the Wrecker Service that was sent out, SDR Towing and Recovery.

Thank you.

Scott Campbell

Truckers Assist would like to introduce SDR Towing and Recovery specializing in the following services listed below:

Wrecker Service

Towing and  Recovery

Truck/Trailer Repair


Repair Shop

Refrigeration Units

Fuel Delivery

Trailer Repair

Truck Repair

Mobile Welding

Hydraulic Hoses

Our dedicated dispatch team is at your service and is only a phone call away from taking care of  your breakdown needs.  Whether you need wrecker service or a mobile truck repair, within minutes of receiving your call for service, our team can have a technician to your location within 60-90 minutes.

We understand the need for immediate roadside assistance as many of your drivers are carrying time sensitive loads. That is why our technicians are strategically located along all major Interstates and cities so that they can get to your location as fast as possible.  We always have a Wrecker Service available near you.

Please follow the link to get an inclusive list of our vendors providing Wrecker Service in the Lexington South Carolina area, or please call 1.888.635.0005 for immediate assistance.


Truck Repair Near Me

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Truck Repair Near Me

If you need truck repair service, mobile or in -shop, look no further than our network of qualified service providers to address your truck repair needs.

You can search for though our extensive database of pre-qualified service providers with seconds for all major truck repair services near you.  Our service providers provide the following major categories of service.

  • Truck Repair
  • Trailer Repair
  • Tire Service and Repair
  • Towing and Recovery
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Refrigeration Units
  • Fuel Deliver
  • Truck Repair Shops

On our website directory, you can search for a skilled truck repair professional and have him en route to your location, ready with the tools and parts needed to get you back on the road within minutes.

Alternatively, you can also our call us 24/7 at 1-888-635-0005 for breakdown assistance in the USA and Canada.  A quick call to our toll-free number will put you in touch with one of our representatives, who will connect you with the closest truck repair  facility near you or have a mobile truck repair service representative dispatched to your location.

Truckers Assist also features a comprehensive database of qualified truck repair services for you search near you and call directly. Simply entering your location and your service needs will return a selection of trusted service providers in your area.

Search at:  http://www.truckersassist.com/services/nationwide-truck-and-trailer-repair-directory/





Mobile Truck Repair Throop PA

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Truckers Assist is always expanding breakdown coverage areas all around North America by bringing in high quality vendors that are reliable and efficient. Recently, Truckers Assist has brought on CMG Truck and Tire Repair and Williams Diesel. These two vendors have extensive coverage in the Throop PA area and have technicians close to I80, I81, I84, I476, I69, I24.

They offer the following services:
Truck Repair:

Fuel Delivery
Trailer Repair
Truck Repair
Windshield Repair
Repair Shop
Refrigeration Units
Compute Diagnostics
DOT Inspections



Trained in:

CAT, Cummins, Detroit, International Transmissions

Our dispatch team works 24 hours a day to ensure that breakdown assistance is always available, even on Holidays and the worst weather conditions; we are always there to help.

The Way We Work:

We have an exclusive vendor network that expands all around North America in order to service your needs no matter where your breakdown is. When we receive a call for service, we conduct a search based on the coordinates given to us for the closest technician or shop to you or your driver. Once a technician is located, we ensure that ETA is within a reasonable time and call the driver to confirm if this is okay. Once the job is dispatched we will follow up numerous times to ensure the technician arrived on site within the time frame given, the job can be done, and if additional parts or services are required we will keep you or your driver informed at all times.

We want to give you peace of mind that a trained quality technician is taking care of the services required and we do this by having our service providers go through a pre-screening process.

Rest assured that when you call Truckers Assist you can sit back and relax and let us do all the work!

For further information please call 1.888.635.0005 pr follow the link below to find a complete list of vendors in and around the Throop PA area.


CMG Truck and Tire Repair
Mobile Unit Only
Throop, Pennsylvania, 18512
Tel: (570) 226-4850

Williams Diesel
591 Route
Mayfield, Pennsylvania, 18433
Tel: (570) 876-6800

Truck Repair Bessemer Alabama

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Truck and Trailer breakdowns happen more often then none and with increasing demand in the transportation industry, it is critical to have service providers that can handle breakdowns of these heavy duty trucks year round. Truckers Assist recognizes this increasing demand and has gone above and beyond to find only the most qualified vendors to bring into our exclusive vendor network.

Specifically in Bessemer Alabama, we are excited to announce that we have three qualified vendors that offer a variety of roadside assistance listed below:

• Lock-Outs
• Refrigeration Units
• Fuel Delivery
• Trailer Repair
• Truck Repair
• Computer Diagnostics
• Mobile Welding
• Hydraulic Lines
• Load shifts/Transfers
• Liftgates
• A SE Certified

Our technicians in Bessemer Alabama are situated close to Interstate 59 & 20, making it easy to reach your drivers faster.

Truckers Assists dispatch team is ready 24/hours of the day to service your breakdown needs. We understand the needs of your businesses and are aware of the time sensitive loads that are being delivered. We pride ourselves on being able to dispatch a service call within minutes of receiving it.

Please follow the link below to get a complete list of vendors in and around the Bessemer Alabama area or call 1.888.635.0005 to talk to a live dispatcher.

Long Lewis Western Star
4200 Bessemer Hwy
Bessemer, Alabama, 35020
Tel: (205) 428-0161
After hours: (205) 966-6404

Adcock Truck Repair LLC
5205 Veterans Memorial
Fairfield, Alabama, 35064
Tel: (205) 786-6753
After hours: (205) 601-0888

Mikes Truck
19706 Highway 11
Woodstock, Alabama, 35188
Tel: (205) 938-1706
After hours: (205) 966-1000

Mobile Truck Repair Thorp Washington

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Truckers Assist is offering increased breakdown coverage in the Thorp Washington area because we have recently seen an increase of breakdowns in this area. Providing a wide array of services, we are certain that whatever need you have, it will be serviced by our vendors 365 days of the year including all holidays. Listed below are services provided by our certified technicians:

Truck and Trailer Repair:

Trailer Repair, Truck Repair, Fuel Delivery, Computer Diagnostics, Mobile Welding, Hydraulic Lines, Liftgates

With our technicians strategically located off of I 82 & I90 be certain that your needs will be serviced fast and efficiently by one of our certified vendors.

All of our vendors go through a qualification process with Truckers Assist, and once registered will get rated on the quality of service they have provided. Rest assured that our qualified vendors have repeatedly received the best ratings for customer service, quality, timeliness and price.

Please call our dispatch team at 1.888.635.0005 for immediate breakdown assistance or follow the link below to get a complete list of service providers in the Mauldin South Carolina area.

Innerstate Repair
Mobile Unit
Thorp, Washington, 98946
Tel: (509) 856-8611
(509) 856-8611