Semi Truck Tow Whitehall Montana


One of our semi truck units had a turbo go out on it last week on Interstate-90 near mm 242 close to Whitehall Montana.  We called Truckers Assist for semi truck tow service to get the truck towed to the Volvo dealer in Butte Montana.  Truckers Assist dispatched out Whitehall Towing and Repair located in Whitehall Montana to provide the semi truck tow service.  We found Whitehall Towing and Repair to be an excellent company.  They were very professional and were very time conscious in the semi truck tow service that they provided.  Their rates for tow service were also very reasonable for the Whitehall Montana area.  They also had a secure storage yard where they stored our trailer until we could send out another truck to take the load forward.  I would highly recommend that anyone needing semi truck tow service near the Whitehall Montana, consider using Whitehall Towing and Repair.

Many thanks

FLI Transport

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