Semi Truck Towing Raleigh NC


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Semi Truck Towing Raleigh NC

I called Truckers Assist for semi truck towing service in Raleigh NC last week.  I was referred East Coast Towing by your dispatcher as I needed semi truck towing service form Raleigh NC to Greensboro NC.

The service provided by East Coast Towing went far beyond what I have ever experienced.  These guys are a very professional semi truck towing outfit.  They were out there within 30 minutes and had me hooked up and in Greensboro within 3. 5 hours of me placing my call to Truckers Assist.  They even drove me to a hotel where I could stay the night.  Even their rates for semi truck towing are very reasonable for the Raleigh NC area.  I would highly encourage that you recommend them for semi truck towing service in that area.  Five stars all the way.  Thanks for everything.

Mark Costburg,  North Carolina Freight Service