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The Truckers Assist team has cultivated an astounding partnership network that includes tow companies, truck repair shops, tire providers, vehicle repair services, and more. We value every business relationship that we have and are always transparent. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity.

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Truckers Assist

Truckers Assist provides truck and trailer breakdown assistance, as well as roadside repair and maintenance services, to truck drivers and fleets across North America. We are a trusted resource that the trucking industry relies on to arrange prompt and reliable repairs, which enables drivers to get back on the road with minimal downtime.

Truckers Assist isn’t just a call-center that connects a driver or a fleet to a service provider: we are a proven solution that offers a centralized and scalable one‐stop approach to fleets in managing their truck and trailer-related roadside breakdown events.

We serve multiple trucking fleets in various industries, including chemicals, consumer products, food products, forest products, government, intermodal, waste management, and automobiles and parts.



Our services are used by multiple trucking fleets across North America. No matter the industry, our service providers handle roadside breakdowns for all commercial vehicles.

  • Truck Repair
  • Trailer Repair
  • Tires
  • Towing and Recovery
  • Refrigeration Units

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Truckers Assist do? What services do we provide?

    Truckers Assist provides roadside truck and trailer repair and breakdown assistance service for owner operators and trucking fleets within the United States and Canada. Our service is available 24/7/365. Stuck on the road? Whether you call us, or find search for help using our online registry, we'll be able to assist you with your breakdown.

    With our extensive network of qualified service providers, we usually have some available within minutes of your breakdown location.

    The services we provide include: Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair, Mobile Tire Repair and Replacement, Towing and Recovery Services, Reefer Repair, Re-fuelling, Windshield repairs, Locksmiths and many others.

  • What is the benefit of registering with truckers when there are websites with free listings of vendors?

    If you use another website to locate truck repair services, here are few things you should consider.

    • Many of the listing websites sell advertising space to service providers – their primary objective is not to provide you with the fastest breakdown service at a reasonable price.
    • Key Benefits in using our service are:

    1. Save Money!

    All vendors in our network are mandated to provide pre-determined service rates that are exclusive to Truckers Assist.

    2. Get Your Truck Back On the Road Faster!

    Service providers are dispatched within 10 minutes of us receiving your call. Our service providers have a consistent track record of arriving at or before the stated time (typically within 45 minutes), as Truckers Assist calls are prioritized.

    3. Get Peace of Mind!

    All our service providers undergo rigorous screening to qualify to become part of our network. Furthermore, we have implemented a process to continuously monitor their performance on several key metrics, such as quality, pricing, and punctuality.

    4. No Risk!

    Our service is available 24/7 every day of the year and you will always reach a live person, giving you peace of mind that help is only a phone call away. You know the service rates upfront.

  • My company has its own breakdown call center. Why should we call truckers assist?

    If your fleet has a breakdown group or a dispatch team that handles breakdowns 24/7, Truckers Assist can bring immense value to your organization. The high costs of staffing and operating a 24/7 call center, can affect your bottom line. Your core business is transportation and Truckers Assist’s is efficiently provisioning and managing the roadside breakdown process.

    Most fleets begin experiencing immediate savings of time and money when they use our breakdown assistance service. With the email notification and reporting features of our service, your fleet is always aware of the status of the repair and you will also receive valuable weekly, monthly reports to help you track your over the road maintenance costs.

  • What types of trucks and equipment does truckers assist provide service for?

    Truckers Assist, provides breakdown assistance for Semi-Trucks, Box Trucks, most types of Trailers, Intermodal Chassis, Refrigeration Units, Construction Equipment, RVs and Buses.

    Truckers Assist does not provide breakdown service for cars and mini-vans.

  • What geographic does Truckers Assist provide service within?

    Truckers Assist provides breakdown assistance in the continental United States and Canada.