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Heavy Duty Towing Sparks Nevada

Posted By Truckers Assist On 27-05-2014

Sparks Nevada has a specialized vendor that provides Heavy Duty Towing services 24/hours of the day. With a vast array of other services also provided by our trusted vendors, rest assured that all your trucking needs will be taken care promptly and efficiently.

With vendors situated minutes from I80 and I580, be sure that your breakdown needs will be taken care of right away. Truckers Assist excellent customer service will not only dispatch your request for service but follow up multiple times throughout to ensure the breakdown is completed within an acceptable time frame.

Towing Services:

Light Towing
Heavy Duty
Fuel Delivery
Tire Services

Why call into Truckers Assist dispatch center for service and how are we different than other roadside assistance providers?

Breakdowns can happen anytime of the day, so why not have a team that works for you non stop? Truckers Assist dispatch team is ready to take your calls any hour of the day or night, 365 days of the year including holidays. The real difference between Truckers Assist and other breakdown service sites is not only the live interaction with a dispatcher but also the tracking and following up aspect of the breakdown. Many of our Owner/Operators and Fleets relay on our services to dispatch, monitor and ensure that a breakdown has been completed start to finish.

Truckers Assist registered vendors all go through a pre-screening process as we want to ensure that the services you will be receiving will be done so by qualified and highly recommended technicians.

Unlike other providers that only have websites or an answering service, Truckers Assist has a registered vendor network that provides 24 hour road side assistance and has extensive coverage all around North America. Our technicians are waiting to be dispatched and are strategically located close to Interstates and major cities.

How long will it take for service to be dispatched?

Typically our technicians arrives onsite 60-90 minimum (or earlier) once the call has been received by our dispatch team. Unless there is a high volume of breakdowns on a particular day, Truckers Assist dedicated dispatch team will try to locate another local technician to provide the service you are looking for.

Please do not hesitate to call us when you are experiencing a breakdown, the quicker you call, the faster we can get a technician out to you!

Cal-Nevada Towing and Recovery – Sparks
1590 Marietta Way
Sparks, Nevada, 89431
Tel: (775) 359-3700

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