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Mobile Truck repair Auburn Nebraska

Posted By Truckers Assist On 18-02-2014

Continuously focusing on expanding coverage in all States, Truckers Assist is glad to announce two qualified vendors in the Auburn Nebraska area.  Strategically located technicians all around the area make it extremely easy to dispatch service in a timely manor.  With extensive coverage all along I29, your drivers will not have to wait long for a trusted service provider.

Truckers Assists understands the need to have quality technicians available 24 hours of the day as many of our drivers are delivering time sensitive loads.  This is why our 24 hour call center will ensure that you never have to worry about finding a trusted technician to come out and get your driver up and running. 

What does it mean to be a qualified vendor with Truckers Assist? 

To become registered vendors in our exclusive system means that a vendor must have specific industry criteria such as liability insurance, licensed and trained technicians, in line with D.O.T guidelines and follow all safety guidelines.  We only bring on the best of the best.  We offer peace of mind to all our fleets and owner operators that their needs will be taken care of by professionals.

Why call into Truckers Assist call center? 

Many fleets and owner operators rely on our 24 hour call center to dispatch their trucking needs because we monitor the job from start to finish.  We also have an exclusive list of all the vendors available in the breakdown area and do the background work to find a trusted technician with the shortest ETA.

In Auburn Nebraska, our vendors offer many truck and trailer services which are listed below:

–          Refrigeration Unit Repairs

–          Fuel Delivery

–          Trailer Repair

–          Tires

–          Truck Repair

–          Windshield Repair

–          Repair Shop

–          Mobile Welding

–          Hydraulic Lines

–          Lift Gates

–          Lock Outs

They also offer tire services and have:

–          New

–          Used

–          Recap

–          Chassis

–          Super Single Tires

–          National Accounts: Bridgestone

Feel free to call our trusted call center at 1.888.635.0005 or follow the link below to see a list of vendors in the Auburn Nebraska area:


Us and A Truck Tire and Repair Service, LLC

517 Central Ave.
Auburn, Nebraska, 68305
Tel: (402) 257-7195
After hours: (402) 868-5094


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