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Protecting our Service Providers

Posted By Truckers Assist On 08-07-2010

Truckers Assist not only protects drivers and fleets, but is also dedicated to protecting our service providers. We are taking pro-active steps to ensure that all service providers who are sent out on road calls for mobile repair, towing, tire service etc. by Truckers Assist are dealing with legitimate customers who will make their payments on time.

We have been informed of several instances of drivers, who allege to be part of large fleets and leave the site of the repair with the claim that their fleet will be paying the bill. When the fleet is contacted for payment, there is no record of the driver working for the fleet. To our knowledge, no Truckers Assist fleet or driver has never done this to one of our service providers.

Nevertheless, Truckers assist has implemented an authorization process with adequate controls in place to prevent such occurrences with our service providers. We work closely with our registered trucking companies and fleets to create “Fleet Specific Instructions” which clearly outlines for our dispatch how the fleet wants their over the road truck and trailer repair scenarios handled.

This typically entails cross-referencing all drivers with a list provided by the fleet, to ensure the driver calling in is in fact a member of the fleet and the billing will be covered by their company. The list will generally include the drivers name, license plate numbers, unit numbers, and phone numbers.

With this process, we can give our service provider, the assurance that they are dealing with quality customers and that they will get paid for their service in a timely manner.

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