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Posted By Truckers Assist On 08-07-2010

Risks are part of any business, but Truckers Assist is constantly implementing new processes and policies to maintain high quality breakdown service for fleets and drivers.

Protecting Trucking Companies and Owner Operators

As former fleet owners, we understand the risks involved with having drivers experiencing truck breakdowns on the road – at times in states or cities they have never been to. This used to leave us looking for local service providers that we knew nothing about in terms of quality and reputation. Furthermore, some of them did not always look out for the best interest of the company or the driver.

Truckers Assist takes the guess work out of locating qualified service providers and ensures that all the vendors within its network are certified technicians within State Regulations and maintain valid insurance certificates. Although all our service providers go through extensive screening by the sales team before being entered into our network, our best critics and source of feedback are our registered drivers and fleets.

Our dispatch team is dedicated to not only assisting with the breakdown at hand, but also ensuring that drivers and fleets are satisfied with the level of service they received. By implementing the Truckers Assist Customer Service Rating Scale, we have been able to use your feedback to eliminate poorly performing service providers from our network. They are measured in the four areas most important to drivers: Timeline, Quality of work, Professionalism & Customer Care and Price relative to industry standards. We require all of our service providers to earn ratings of at least 4 out of 5 and do not hesitate to remove those who continuously fall below the cut off mark. This policy is an ongoing endeavor to ensure our customers are satisfied!

Feedback on our service providers can also be provided completing the Vendor Feedback form online at www.truckersassist.com.

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