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Truck Repair Houston Texas

Posted By Truckers Assist On 21-03-2014

Truck Repair Houston Texas

Houston Texas Routes:

I610, I45, I69, I10 are some of the most heavily travelled interstates in North America.  It is crucial that our service providers are in a central location that is close to all major routes to service your needs.  Truckers Assist has already pre-screened the best technicians available in the Houston Texas area and have made sure that service providers are located in and around major routes to service your needs quicker, with professionally designated technicians handling the service. 

Truck Repair Services:                     

–          Truck Repair

–          Trailer Repair

–          Repair Shops

–          Fuel Delivery

–          Refrigeration Units

–          Windshield Repair 

Additional services provided: 

–          Computer Diagnostics

–          Hydraulic Lines/Hoses

–          Mobile Welding

–          Liftgates

–          Drop Sites

–          DOT Inspections

–          ASE Certified 

Why call into Truckers Assist dispatch center for service? 

Breakdowns can happen anytime of the day, so why not have a team that works for you non stop? Truckers Assist dispatch team is ready to take your calls any hour of the day or night, 365 days of the year.  This real differentiation between Truckers Assist and other breakdown service sites is not only the live interaction but also the tracking and following up aspect of the breakdown.  Many of our Owner/Operators and Fleets relay on our services to dispatch, monitor and ensure that a breakdown has been completed start to finish.

If you have questions about the services listed above or do not see the services you need in the above list, please call 1.888.635.0005 for further details or follow the link to get a compete list of vendors in and around the Houston Texas area.

OTR Fleet Service LLC

11051 Eastex Freeway

Houston, Texas, 77093

Tel: (281) 219-2086

After hours: (877) 219-2007

JetTech Fleet Services

11110 North Houston Rosslyn RD

Houston, Texas, 77088

Tel: (281) 445-9400

After hours: (281) 445-9400

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