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Breakdown Assistance Program for Fleets

For those operating fleets, breakdowns can happen and cause interruptions to your operations. Thankfully, Truckers Assist has convenient roadside assistance options to resolve your issue. We offer services over the phone, and can dispatch a service operator to your location.

We have the proper designations, insurance, and certifications to manage your situation. Our standout service is our local dispatch operation, available in various locations throughout North America.

The Truckers Assist Membership

If you manage multiple fleets, you have the benefit of joining our membership service. That way, you can save on costs every year and have unlimited access to our skilled technicians.

We offer the following roadside services:

  • Flat-tire changes
  • Battery boost
  • Flexible towing for light, medium, heavy-duty, flatbed, winch, and short and low distance towing/hauling
  • And more!

By signing up with our membership and utilizing our solutions, you can better reduce downtime, and can also make use of the most advanced technologies and services we have on offer.

The Truckers Assist Advantage

Our end-to-end solutions are popular with our partners and customers. Here are some of the benefits you will have access to when you work with us:

24/7 Response Team

Our specialists are available at any time of day to address your immediate needs. If you experience mechanical issues or need help with flat tires or towing, we will handle your situation right away.

Skilled and Professional Technicians

Our expert team undergoes extensive training to get any job done; they can handle every aspect of your service, whether it’s significant repairs or detailed mechanical work. We carefully go through each necessary service step and take the time to ensure everything is performed correctly.

Easier Billing Options

Our billing process is simple to operate, making your life much easier. We use sophisticated EDI and API technologies to better streamline your services.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our advanced diagnostics allow us to provide you with cutting-edge services. If you find yourself in an urgent situation, you can call us at any time. We can either schedule the proper service provider to meet you at your location immediately, or help you over the phone.

Uniquely Tailored Services

Since no business is exactly the same, we know that we have to tailor our services to each operation type. Our electronic instructions will get you back on track so you can get where you need to go.

Keeping Up Communication

Our communication processes are what sets us apart from the competition. We maintain real-time updates as we guide you through each step. You can also receive updates via text message and email on our secure login platform.

Advanced Technology

Our use of advanced technology and equipment is an asset in the trucking industry. We use a sophisticated phone system that makes both inbound and outbound calls so our managers can better organize our call center staff. We can also see how many people are on hold and how long they have been there to manage our call volume. In essence, our phone systems reduce your wait times so that you can receive the urgent service you need.

Finding the right service provider for your specific situation is also crucial. Our dispatching solutions ensure that the right person within your area can provide roadside assistance immediately. We do this through our advanced internal rating system that finds providers for each case. This system considers customer preference, a technician’s availability and skills, and internal service rankings. The advanced technology we use benefits you specifically, no matter the situation.

Detailed Invoicing

Our invoicing process is upfront and transparent. We carefully audit each process to accurately reflect prices.

Our processes are run according to our billing department. Our experts carefully examine each invoice and then enter the information into our system. This system utilizes VMRS coding so that everyone in the service supply chain can analyze the emergent event that took place. Then, the billing expert will make sure that pricing was correct throughout the client’s service.

To be even more careful, we perform operational audits and price compliance audits when we look after each invoice. This audit ensures that you will obtain the correct service while being aware of the costs.

If a client feels the pricing was unfair or inaccurately reflected market pricing, we can request a more detailed invoice from the service provider. No matter what, we want to keep the process as convenient and pain-free as possible for the client

Affordable Rates

If you operate a fleet that breaks down frequently and often needs repair, the costs can add up. With our membership services and end-to-end-solutions, we want to make repair services affordable and accessible to fleet companies across North America. To do this, we assess our costs on local area market rates and match current pricing.

Prioritizing Your Urgent Needs

Roadside breakdowns can disrupt your everyday operations and lead to missed deliveries, loss of income, or negative reviews from customers.

We know that your time is valuable, so we do everything we can to get your fleet up and running again as quickly as possible. By working with Truckers Assist, you can expect more on-time deliveries and a better customer service experience.

If you require roadside assistance and services for your fleet, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about our services. Our team will walk you through our membership options, leading services, and the solutions that will work best for you and your business.

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