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This is a breakdown assistance service that all truck drivers and fleets can benefit from, best of all it’s free!

Truckers Assist

Great service

This was the third time I’ve used Truckers Assist this year for roadside tire service on my trailer. They understand how important time is continue to deliver excellent service.

Chris Goodison

Truckers Assist has taken the guess work out of finding mobile truck repair service. The follow-ups and rating system give me confidence in who I let work on my truck is qualified and tested. They usually have a service provider within 20 miles...I love the service.

Marcus Whalen

Member Testimonials: Tales of the Road

We were traveling down the 101 fwy just south of Buellton California when the engine lost power. It is a Diesel so I was very worried. I called Good Sam Emergency Road service and they sent a tow truck from 50 miles away. The tow driver was awesome and knew what he was doing. The tow would have cost around $1,000.00 but it was covered and did not cost us anything. I was happy to see that two days later we were fixed and on our way.

Thank You Truckers Assist! This service is Awesome! AAA and others always have strings attached.


Member Testimonials: Tales of the Road

I was traveling westbound on I-10 west of Tonopah, AZ (about 72 miles east of Blythe, CA) when my left front tire on my 1982 Newell Class-A exploded. I was able to steer the coach over to the shoulder of the road without further incident. I turned off the engine and got out to see the "damage".

The rim was on the pavement, although it did not look damaged...amazing. There was no apparent damage to the coach itself, other than a few lost rivits, and some marks made by the tire as it disintegrated. Looking back down the road I could see the remnents of the tire all over the highway. I was expecting major damage to the coach, but what I observed was minor cosmetic stuff. I then put in a call to Good Sam's Emergency Road Service for HELP!

We were at mile marker 72 in the middle of Nowhere, but I was able to get through. The lady took my information, and noted that I needed whoever came to bring a replacement tire. She said she would begin making calls to find someone to come out. Within 45 minutes I had a call back from her advising she had found someone in Mesa, AZ who would be out in about 2 hours (we were about 1.5 hours out from Phoenix. At any rate the driver arrived about 2.5 hours later with the proper tire, and had us on our way in 30 minutes. Our total delay was about 4 hours, but we were able to make our destination that evening in time and our day was saved!

Thank you Truckers Assist for coming through!

Truckers Assist

Member Testimonials: Tales of the Road

I had a Ford pick up that needed to be towed to Atlanta, GA. I used this company and got nothing but the best results and I was so happy with the service they provided.

Craig Freedman

Service Provider Testimonials

We are writing this letter to say thanks! Thanks for allowing us to work with you. Truckers Assist is a great company that makes business fast and easy for all parties involved, from the customers to our company, they make the job easier to do, to help us get the customer back on the road. From the initial call all the way to taking care of payment they make things as easy as possible, which is wonderful in a profession like ours. So again thanks so much for letting us do business with you, we hope to have a long and happy business relationship together.

ABC Wrecker & Roadside Service