Truck Repair, Towing and Breakdown Services

Breakdown Assistance Services

Using our 24/7 call-centre and state of the art searching software we are able to provide you the most accurate information on truck repair service providers and dispatch them to your breakdown location in the shortest time. We also provide services for mobile trucks, trailers and rv as an when you need. We provide 24 hour tire repair, towing, maintenance and wrecker services 24/7, 365 days a year and our network includes multiple service providers in every city, state, province and region of North America.

Marketing Services for Trucking Service Providers

A truck in your area needs roadside assistance. You’re able to help… but how do you make sure you get the call? That’s where Truckers Assist comes in. We drive traffic and calls to your service based business from our wide network of fleets and owner operators. Truckers Assist is the only company that allows qualified service providers to receive calls from fleets searching our website, drivers searching on their phones and our call center dispatching and/or recommending you for service. The end result is that your business continues to grow and becomes recognized as an expert in your field among thousands of fleets and owner operators.

Breakdown Assistance Program for Fleets

Truckers Assist redefines the way your fleet deals with the hassles of breakdowns with one goal in mind – Keeping your trucks and trailers rolling, allowing you to focus on your core business. This service provides you with a centralized dispatch, minimized equipment downtime and manageable costs. Truckers Assist’s road-side repair and breakdown services are designed to help drivers and fleet operators save time and money, so that they can get back on the road with minimal downtime and continue to make money. Our service is absolutely FREE of charge to the driver/ fleet company. You only pay the service provider for the repairs / service performed.