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Truckers Assist is a source that the industry relies on to arrange prompt and reliable emergency road-side assistance for thousands of owner operators and fleets across USA and Canada.If you would like to join our team of Qualified Service Providers and specialize in any of the services listed below, click on the Get Started button, and submit a completed form. One of our Vendor Relations Representatives will follow up to ensure you meet all our criteria before registering you as our Qualified Service Provider. Once complete start enjoying the benefits that thousands of other Qualified Service Providers have gained by receiving more breakdown calls in your city and surrounding area.Our Qualified Service Providers specialize in the following areas:

Truck & Trailer Repair, Tires, Towing & Wrecker, Repair Facility, Reefer, Re-Fueling, Windshield, Locksmith and many more.


Truckers Assist is the only company today offering the trucking industry access to both a web based directory and a live call center. Whether an owner operator or fleet dispatch uses our on-line directory or chooses to use the call center to manage the roadside breakdown, our service is available to them 24/7/365 with no “dispatch” fees. This results in Truckers Assist receiving thousands of inquiries monthly and providing a consistent source of breakdown calls to our Qualified Service Providers.


  • Service Providers will have a banner ad identifying your company as a Qualified Service Provider on the website consisting of Company Name, Address, Telephone, Payments Accepted, List of Service(s) Provided, Website Link & Map Link. This entitlement distinguishes our vendors from anyone else in the industry as Truckers Assist has evaluated your company on several metrics ensuring you meet the stringent needs our loyal fleets and owner operators impose on us.
  • Your banner will appear at the top of the search results for your specified zone ensuring inquiries to the website will call you first – you are not sorted by distance like all other web based directories. In addition, your company banner will appear in the tops spots for searches conducted within 20 miles of your city. That means more call coming directly to you from surrounding areas giving you the first right of refusal.


Your company will appear in the top spot in the call centre dispatch system for your city and surrounding area. Truckers Assist will direct breakdown calls to you when a call for service is received in your zone giving you first right of refusal on jobs.

Once the job is complete, our Qualified Service Providers get paid directly by the fleet or owner operator as opposed to other call center which either discount your invoice or pay you after 30, 60 or 90 days.

If the fleet or owner operator is paying via a method you are currently not set up for (American Express, etc), Truckers Assist will process the payment on your behalf and remit the amount to you.

Truckers Assist strives to protect all of its Qualified Service Providers once they have been dispatched. In the event that the call center has received approval from the owner operator/fleet on your rates and you are dispatched, Truckers Assist can pre-authorize their credit card to ensure some form of compensation is paid to you in the event the job is cancelled while you are on route.

Qualified Service Providers will receive annual activity reports highlighting the total number of web based inquiries in your state and call center activity.

How Qualified Service Providers Receive Breakdown Calls From Truckers Assist

Do You Think You Meet Our Criteria To Become One of Our Qualified Service Providers

Truckers Assist reputation and integrity relies heavily on the reputation of the Qualified Service Providers we have in our network. Our mandate is simple, to get the driver back on the road as quick as possible and at a reasonable expense. This commitment has been recognized by owner operators and fleets relying solely on Truckers Assist and our database of Qualified Service Providers to help them during emergency roadside breakdowns.

To maintain our integrity in the industry, we have developed a qualification criteria for all Qualified Service Providers to meet to be listed on our website & call center. If you can answer “YES” to some of the sample questions below, you may be considered to be one of our Qualified Service Providers and start receiving breakdown calls.

  • Does your facility and/or repair service comply with D.O.T./F.M.C.S.A. requirements.
  • Does your company have insurance coverage.
  • Have you had formal training in your area of expertise.
  • Are your rates in-line with your regions industry standards.

To join our team of Qualified Service Providers and start servicing all the breakdowns in your service area:


Call 1 888 635-0005



A member of our Service Provider Management Team will contact you within one business day and obtain any additional information required to complete the registration.

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